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Full Day Perito Moreno Glacier

A full-day tour departing from Puerto Natales at 7:00 am and returning around 10:00 pm. After crossing the Chilean and Argentine borders at Cerro Castillo and Cancha Carrera, the route traverses the vastness of the Argentine Patagonian steppe to reach the picturesque town of El Calafate, approximately 270 km north of Puerto Natales.



  • Price: CLP$90,000 per person (September to April)
  • Starting Time: Departure at 6:45 am from the accommodation.
  • Return Time: Arrival at 10:30 pm at the accommodation.
  • Duration: Approximately 14 hours.
  • Includes: Service of a bilingual local guide and transportation.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling policy: 72 hours.
  • Does not include: Water, food + personal and medical expenses + entrance* to the national park. *Entrance can be purchased at www.argentina.gob.ar or at the site.



– Wear synthetic warm clothing to wear the waterproof suit over, sunglasses, sunscreen, and spare clothes.
– Bring a water bottle.
– Please inform us of any medical issues you may have.



The tour starts at 6:30 in the morning from the accommodation, beginning the journey for an hour towards the border crossing located in the Cerro Castillo area, 58 km north of Puerto Natales. After the customs procedure, the journey continues for another 3 hours to the city of El Calafate, Argentina. Once in El Calafate, there is a brief 10-minute stop where the local guide awaits us, to then continue another 80 kilometers towards Los Glaciares National Park, where the Perito Moreno Glacier is located.

Once in the park, after paying the entrance fee in Argentine pesos per person, there is the option to take a boat ride on Lake Argentino in front of the north face of the glacier, which lasts for an hour. After the boat ride, it is possible to walk through a Nothofagus forest along the walkways that run along the front of the glacier, admiring the ice walls that rise 60 meters above the lake level.

The tour returns to El Calafate with a 30-minute stop and then continues to Puerto Natales.

*- The timing of this activity may be modified due to weather conditions or the physical conditions of the passenger.
*- The excursion may be suspended due to bad weather, which includes weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, and snow.