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Torres Base Hiking

Located in southern Patagonia of Chile, there are 181,000 hectares that make up the park, including mountains, lakes, glaciers, rivers and valleys. The main attraction of the Las Torres base trekking is the close view of the 3 granite towers, icons of the Park.
The Path that leads to the impressive Base Torres Viewpoint, where its three granite peaks of about 2,600 meters high on average that give their name to the National Park will dazzle you with their attraction in this unique destination called Torres del Paine.



  • Price: clp $70,000 per person (September to April)
  • Start Time: Between 06:15 and 06:45 hrs., at your accommodation approximately.
  • Return Time: Between 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., at your accommodation approximately.
  • Duration: approximately 14 hours.
  • Includes: The service of a bilingual and certified local guide + transportation + poles + crampons (winter season).
  • Cancellation or rescheduling policy: 72 hours.
  • Not included: Water, food + personal and medical expenses, entrance to the P.N. Torres del Paine (you can buy here www.pasesparques.cl)




– Wear synthetic and warm clothing to be able to put on the waterproof suit, sunglasses, sunscreen and change of clothes.
– Bring a bottle of water.
– Thank you for letting us know about any medical problems you have.



The trek begins by walking through the foothills of Mount Almirante Nieto, where the combination of the breeze and the view will make your soul feel alive.
After 2:30 hrs. of travel and a short safety talk, they will begin their walk. The round trip is done along the same path, which is divided into 4 sections:

– Approximately 1 km flat, until crossing the Ascensio River.
– Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes of ascent to Paso del Viento, then about 30 minutes of flat / descent to the Chilean camp, where they will take a break.
– Approximately 1 hour of gentle ascent through a forest of native trees.
– Approximately 1 hour of climbing on a steep slope. They will walk on large stones, which can be wet and slippery depending on the weather. Be careful and don’t lose concentration.
The climb is long and intense, until reaching the Base Torres Viewpoint, located at 870 meters above sea level.
Once you have arrived, enjoy the view to the fullest! Ideally, you should bring an extra shirt so you can change up there.

Be careful with the wind, falls, not getting too cold and not letting your papers and trash fly away.

*- The schedule of this activity could be modified due to weather conditions or the physical conditions of the passenger.
*- The excursion may be suspended due to bad weather, which implies climatic conditions such as strong winds, rain and snow.